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You can do it

Have you recently been diagnosed with a challenging medical condition? Not liking what you hear?  Let’s change it up.

Disease states are multifaceted.  Depending on the illness, vcialis 40mg causative factors may include, there genetic predisposition, cheap age, hormones,  environmental contaminants, viral infection, prolonged and elevated stress, depression,  malnourishment through diet and/ or  drug and alcohol abuse. Taking a holistic approach to any disease state is imperative, if we are aiming for a positive outcome.

Holistic means assessing and diagnosing,  implementing treatment protocols and medications, addressing nutritional deficiencies,  applying stress release techniques, working to achieve a positive mental environment.  There are many therapies /clinics that will address each one of these points individually, however, you are a “whole” person and using a holistic approach to health covers all aspects of the individual. Mind-Body-Spirit.  You are MUCH more than just your body.  Your impending thoughts can profoundly affect your wellbeing.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the arm of medicine that looks at the connection between the physical effects of our thoughts upon our bodies. Yes your thoughts do,  and can affect every single cell in your body.

If we have programmed our mind with negative thoughts and patterns, then we will accept these as being the truth. Negative thoughts will dictate how we see illness and all other aspects of our lives. With patience those thoughts can be changed, and we can develop a much more healthy approach to life. Taming the thoughts and changing them can be achieved through discipline and habit.

If you keep expecting to fail you will fail. If you keep expecting to become sick you will become ill.  “Your psychology is your biology.”  Change can be overwhelming for some people. One of the greatest motivators is when your one’s health is compromised.

Any illness can be frustrating and draining; however we can use this opportunity to look at it as a challenge, an opportunity to look closely at ourselves, to explore one’s inner essential self, your true nature, to assess your goals and aspirations.   “We cannot always change the outcome but we can change the way we experience it.”

Once we have taken responsibility for our lives and our predicament, we can emerge from the confusion to a state of complete clarity. Feeling clear about our decisions is essential to having peace of mind. Listening to that inner voice and feeling enthusiastic about your choices can have a profound effect on you living well.

If you have a life threatening illness or chronic disease state or you wish to maintain your health you need to arm yourself with the very best resources and advice available.  Orchestrate your healing team.  These would include:

  • Health Practitioner Specialist that is well educated in the field
  • Clinical Nutritionist that can advise on your specific individual dietary requirements
  • Naturopath that can advise on lifestyle choices, supplements, environmental impact-herbal medicines.
  • Meditation Facilitator—Yoga instructor. Improve the quality of the thoughts and to achieve true relaxation, flexibility and reduce pain. Create peace of mind.
  • Kinesiologist-allows access to our inner thought –deep held emotional patterns. Work towards achieving our goals and releasing anger, guilt, resentment and blame.

If you would like to live well, delve that little bit deeper and create positive change please call or email our office.

Jennifer Webster
BHSc-Nat Med, Kinesiology (PKP), Naturopath, Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritionist, Bioch Psych, Cert of Excellence in working with people with cancer, Allergy testing.
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